News From The New Owner Of Parliament Motor Coach Corporation


My name is Cliff Koschnick and I am the new owner of Parliament Motor Coach and wanted to introduce myself and my partners, Ken Johnson, Sharon Howard and Cyndy Johnson. We are very excited about this new purchase and venture.

We wanted to reassure everyone that we are a new entity and a new regime with new perspective and new ideas. And as the Rumors have been out there we will put them finally to rest.

Yes we plan on going back into production and building a Prevost Motorcoach in 2013. As you all know we have a great crew of people here as we kept all the same employees and added some new ones to increase our productivity and service for our customerís needs.

In addition to our manufacturing plans we have made some changes in key areas of our business to in order to be more efficient and serve you the customer better. These changes include a parts store located in our main building, updated customer lounge and a revamped remodel / refurbishing department. We want you to feel at home when you visit with us and trust us with your investment.

Parliament Motor Coach has 3 Prevost Factory trained technicians and believes in a continuing education program so we can adapt to the ever evolving Prevost brand.

You can also call Ken or myself at any time to discuss the exciting new ideas we have our direct phone numbers are.

Cliff Koschnick (904)-626-9191
Ken Johnson (727)-207-3587

Please feel free to call anytime we want to hear ideas from our customers and enjoy making new relationships, you are the first place to start so donít hesitate to let us know.

We look to the future with much anticipated excitement of great things to come.












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