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Lazydays - Steve Mitchell

At Lazydays, we know that an RVer’s journey begins long before the first mile is logged on the open road.

We understand the thrill of a new adventure and chasing dreams drives every RVer. Why? Because, we’ve lived it – it’s a premise we were founded on. Our dream – creating the perfect escape for thousands of RVers – began more than 35 years ago. Today, that vision is realized each time we help fulfill a dream or jumpstart a new adventure.

When you purchase your Prevost from Lazydays, you’ll enjoy incredible benefits. We want your luxury RV experience to be the best it can possibly be. As an owner of an eligible luxury RV, you will enjoy everything available to the entire Lazydays Family, plus best-in-class customer loyalty benefits designed to meet the unique needs of the luxury RV lifestyle. When you purchase your Prevost from us, you will delight in all of the Crown Club member benefits.

Lazydays has it all: Luxury RV Sales and Service, Finance and Insurance Departments, RV Campground and Rally Center, the luxurious Crown Club, on-site Exit 10 Restaurant and Bar, and the best customer experience you’ll every have.

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6130 Lazy Days Boulevard
Seffner (Tampa), Florida 33584-2968

Steve Mitchell | 866.456.7018

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